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8/22  Your Mind is the Key w/Frank


8/22  Your Mind is the Key to Self Protection,

Developing your 6th Sense

 with Frank Kellogg, 6th Degree Taekwondo Black Belt

 Wednesday, 6:30 - 8:30 pm, donation @ IWC Beach Haven



Description:  This workshop will develop your "6th sense" for danger so you can keep yourself and your family safe without raising a finger. You’ll learn effective sensory exercises designed to get you in tune with your surroundings. You’ll learn various martial art character principles that will enhance your mental posture while at work, home, or out in public to reduce your chances of being selected as a victim. Enhance your perspective to include a radar for potentially unsafe situations. Take what you learn and practice in your daily-life and you’ll be “almost psychic” when it comes to foreseeing and avoiding danger. By trusting your intuition, and being aware of your surroundings, you can learn how to prevent dangerous situations from escalating using “verbal judo”. When it comes to self-defense, complicated physical techniques can take years to master, however by simply adopting a new perspective of your safety, your confidence and composure will increase ten-fold!


Safe regards,


Frank Kellogg

2nd Degree Taekwondo Black Belt

Krav Maga/Self-Defense Practitioner of 12 years

Founder of Sorority Self Defense

"Be Healthy, Be Protected"

(609) 879-1379


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