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5/27, 28, 29 Memorial Day Yoga on 28th Street Beach, Spray Beach Kick off 9 am

               Weather permitting Donation only.

5/28        Yoga on the Beach with Crystal Bowls with Dr. Darren 9am - 10:15 am     

6/9           Full Moon Kundalini Yoga with Suzanne - 7:30 pm - Friday

6/10         Yoga and Restorative Retreat, Saturday 

                at Maris Stella Conference Center in Harvey Cedars, LBI 


Be nourished,

Become balanced,

and Create momentum and mindfulness for the summer of 2017

9:00 am - 12:30 Transformational Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness with Jim and Malia

12:30 - 1:00 pm Lunch (prepared by Living on the Veg Restaurant extra fee)

1:15 - 2:15 pm Empowerment Movement with Frank, Taekwondo Black Belt for 15 years

Create Vitality and Restoration through smooth flowing martial arts movements similar to Tai Chi

2:30 - 4pm doTerra Essential oils and yoga paired for grounding, upliftment, pelvic alignment, and balancing the nervous system and chakras with Sue Walker

Morning or afternoon session $60.00

All day discount $100.00

Early registration $10.00 off am or pm session before 5/25/17

Lunch order by 5/25/17, $17.00

Bring your yoga mat, water and wear layers

Weather permitting, we will be on beach for morning meditation

Call Island Wellness Center  at 609-492-4906 & Register by 5/25

or Click here to register - Early Bird discounts apply:

Essential Yoga

6/16           Yoga Retreat - Essential Yoga with Malia and Sue at Yoga Bohemia - Friday, June 16th - 6 pm - 7:30 pm 

Register with Yoga Bohemia.

Experience a blissful 90 minutes where doTerra Essential oils and yoga come together in an aromatically euphoric exploration of your mind body & spirit.

Essential Yoga:  Sue has paired essential oils and Asanas for grounding, pelvic alignment, nervous system support, solar plexus expansion, heart opening, 3rd eye stimulation and crown connection.

Summer Solstice 8:30 am - everyday starting 6/21 on 28th Street Beach

6/21          Summer Yoga on the 28th Street Beach, begins 8:30 am everyday till

                 Labor Day.  Weather permitting and Donation only.

Kundalini Meditation

7/8            Full Moon Kundalini Yoga with Suzanne - 7:30 pm - Saturday

8/6            Full Moon Kundalini Yoga with Suzanne - 7:30 pm - Sunday

Participants learn Meditation with Mantra, mudra-hand positions, and the Art of the Sacred Sound.  Chanting Meditations helps balance the chakras, cultivate connection with the creative consciousness, and open the heart center. Through this practice one is relaxed, refreshed, and connected to their true inner wisdom.  The repetition of the Mantra with mudra helps balance the mind and has the power to change negative patterns of temperament.  This practice helps us heal as individuals but can also help cultivate a more enlightened world.  I believe bringing the Art of Mantra and Meditation to a mainstream audience and making this ancient practice accessible to everyone can create World Peace. You need no experience with any sort of Yoga or Meditation to practice.

9/3            Full Moon Yoga and Meditation with Malia on 28th Street Beach

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