Island Wellness Center

Dr. Darren Orr

Doctor of Chinese Medicine 

Daoist Priest 

NCTMB/NJ Massage Therapist/Teacher 

Reiki and QiGong Master

Teacher/Meditation teacher 

Sound Healer

Medical QiGong is a complete healthcare system incorporating both the prevention of disease as well as its treatment. It is acupuncture without the needles but much deeper, potent and more profound in its medical and therapeutic effects. 

Medical QiGong Therapy is the foundation, root and trunk of Chinese Medicine dating back over 8,000 years in an unbroken lineage.  Medical QiGong is one of the most potent and profound forms of treatment, medicine and healing available because it can treat and rectify so called intractable or incurable diseases. It does this not by some magic bullet, pill, herb or miracle healer but by empowering YOU, as the patient, with internal skills and tools to quiet the mind, let go of stress, activate the self healing ability of the body and awaken the spirit. 

Medical Qigong Therapy Treatments include a combination unique to each individual, such as talk therapy, massage therapy, acupressure, medical qigong healing, breathwork, awareness exercises, healing movements, meditations and visualizations and sound healing among many others..these are taught to you and you are trained to calm your mind and connect to your spirit in 1 session and then are given homework prescriptions to do on your own and at home  to address the root trauma of one's life so they can release that emotional energy connected to it and finally be free and happy. 

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