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Jakki Gioia

Jakki Gioia, LMT, SLC, BFA
Founder and CEO of Divine Creations Aromatherapy 

Best-selling, self-help author of "Follow the Signs and Holistic Practitioner"

Jakki Gioia is a Stress & Pain Management Specialist whose focus is on finding the source of pain and healing it, emotional or physical.

In the holistic healing arts industry since 1995 and trained in over a dozen modalities, she holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree in Dance from Towson University, a National Certification in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, a certification in Spiritual Life Coaching, an International Certification in Aromatherapy and is a Registered Jin Shin Do practitioner. She is also currently the founder and owner of Divine Creations Aroma Therapy where she makes essential oil blends to heal the body and mind with emphasis on custom “soul essences.”

As an injured dancer and former owner of Body Logic Wellness Spa, Jakki has used her experience and knowledge of the body to teach others how to properly care for their bodies to alleviate stress and pain. She teaches dance fitness, self-acupressure and stress management classes along with a program called Journey into Joy to help open intuition, release limitations and manifest your desired life. Her self- help book: Follow the Signs, is a tool to get a deeper understanding of one’s life purpose and to find one’s source of joy. Her songs as a songwriter are often inspirational in nature and speak to your deepest emotions. Through classes, healing sessions and products, she strives to help others take a more proactive role in their spiritual, physical and emotional well-being. She is now offering custom retreat planning with her variety of services and classes.


Jakki’s “Journey into Joy” Mind, Body Spirit Healing

Follow your body’s journey into its deepest place and explore the thoughts and emotions lying within that cause you pain unconsciously. Release worry, doubt, fear, extreme emotion, pain or past trauma with gentle Jin Shin Do® Acupressure combined with massage, hot stones, aromatherapy and guided relaxation.

Raindrop Massage

Essential oils are dropped along your spine and rubbed into your feet and arms as you drift away into a deep state of relaxation. Oil used are customized to your needs or you can opt for the immune boosting/pain relieving original blend. Full body light massage rounds out the treatment and a hot towel applied to the back.

Stress Reliever Massage

Full body massage with hot stones applied to the back, neck and shoulders. A treatment that gives the best of both worlds. Great for sore, tense muscles in those typical problem areas.

Custom Soul Essence- Ever want your own custom scent? With an Aroma Consultation, you have access to over 60 oils that can be blended to suit your needs.  Jakki does an intuitive reading either in person or via the phone to create a perfect custom blend for you. Every blend made to date has been LOVED by the recipients! Each blend works for a specific purpose at that time and you may need a new blend to suit your new needs after a while. All blends are made to your preference. All adjustments within a 2 month time frame are included in the price. We will work on this blend until your perfect fragrance is achieved. A sample vial of your blend is included. Your fragrance blended with additional products is extra.

Aromatherapy Consultation- Looking to discover the healing benefits of essential oils and want to know which are appropriate for you specifically? Jakki’s empathic reading can determine which scents would work for you. Additional spiritual guidance may come through during this reading as well.

Jin Shin Do® Neck and shoulder release- Specific focus on the neck and shoulder area to relieve tension, headache or pain.

Spiritual Life Coaching: Do you need to talk someone to get clarity about your life or work out some problems? This spiritual approach involves energizing the laws of the universe to better navigate your journey. When you are feeling depressed, apathetic, lost, in search of a solution, there is always a way out by journeying into yourself. This session helps you get in touch with your truth.

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