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Susie D'Andrea

Island Wellness welcomes Susie

Susie Offers the following Services/Specialties:

  • Relaxing Swedish—relax, unwind, and escape
  • Deep Tissue/Trigger Point Therapy
  • Body scrubs- rid your skin of dead, dry skin and leave feeling silky and smooth.
  • Mellow mamas – gentle prenatal massage focusing in on the areas Mommy-to-be’s need it the most.  It also promotes healthy touch to the womb.  Both you and your baby-to-be will be thankful!
  • Injury & Athletic Relief – An integrative approach for athletes that includes techniques found in Sports and Orthopedic Massage.  May contain a Postural and Range of Motion assessment for best results.
  • Trauma Touch Therapy- Considered an energy modality, Trauma Touch Therapy™ helps bridge the gap between mind and body disconnection, allowing the client to live a happy and well fulfilled life—that they now have total control over.  Trauma Touch Therapy™ is an ideal addition to those also seeking psychotherapy.  This modality is typically done in 10 weekly 90-minute sessions.  Clients are fully clothed.  For more information, please contact Island Wellness Center to be connected to Susie.
  • “Susie’s Soul Smiling Massage” – ,” Susie’s 'Soul Smilin’ Massage uses an integrative approach to relax not only your mind and body, but to also leave with your soul saying “Ahh that’s just what I needed.” In these sessions, the perfect balance between deep tissue and Swedish techniques will be used to conquer myofascial adhesions yet put you in a relaxation trance.  Susie’s 'Soul Smilin' Massage may also include hints of other modalities such as craniosacral, reflexology, or orthopedic—to name a few--  creating a completely customized session based on what your body is trying to communicate.  A truly one of a kind experience! **Aromatic essential oils will be used in these sessions to help clear the mind, so please let me know if you have any sensitivities! **


Susie has been practicing massage for as long as she can remember. Her father, a graphic designer, would always volunteer his children to give him short, 10 minute back rubs after dinner from working on the computer all day. As a child, Susie was unimpressed with performing these back rubs, but was more excited for what she got in return--the opportunity to take control of the TV remote during these 10 precious minutes. Though her hands hurt from doing so, she continued to give her father back rubs, and over the years, he would comment on her natural abilities and had even suggested it as a career path. When he would mention this, her reaction was always the same-- "Yea right, I don't want to rub backs for a living." Fast Forward…

After attending a small massage therapy school May’s Landing in 2007, where she learned the fundamentals and discovered her true passion for the field of massage therapy, Susie decided to continue her education by leaving New Jersey and moving to the beautiful state of Colorado.  Here she attended and graduated from the Denver School of Massage Therapy in 2008 and gained training in twelve different modalities ranging from energetic, to structural and spa treatments.  In 2010, Susie attended the Colorado School of Healing Arts for a five day intensive course in Trauma Touch Therapy, where she subsequently received her certification as a Trauma Touch Therapist in 2012. In 2018 after eighty hours of continuing education taught by the great James Waslaski, Susie received her Orthopedic Certification from the Center of Pain Management.  She has been a nationally board certified massage therapist since 2014 from the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

As a practicing therapist since 2008, Susie worked in both spa and health/wellness environments before opening her own practice, Where Soul Meets Body, in 2014 (born in Denver, Colorado). In 2017, after nine years of living in beautiful Colorado, Susie decided that she missed home and made the 2,800 mile trip back to New Jersey, taking her practice and her love for massage therapy with her.  Through her sessions, Susie creates a space for clients to feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and restored in both body and soul. Recognizing that the soul and body are perpetually intertwined, Susie is passionate about using her knowledge of massage and holistic therapies to cater each session towards a client's individual needs. She is looking forward to starting a new chapter with new clients where she can relax the bodies, educate the minds, and renew the souls of all she has the pleasure of working with.




“ I continue to use Susie’s services regularly and I can tell you from personal experience that a number of my chronic pain areas (shoulder, lover back, leg muscles) are resolving.  Susie LISTENS and works in response to your needs,  I recommend Susie WITHOUT reservation. If you are anywhere within driving distance {to Stafford}, you will do yourself  tremendous favor by making an appointment with Susie” – Frank

“Susie is an angel. One with incredibly powerful hands, and a vitality that lights up her person with a vibrant glow, evident upon first glance. Following our appointment, I felt like a decade of age and tension had been kneaded from my weary muscles. Feeling grounded and re-centered, I left in higher spirits that carried me through the rest of my day. Not a more beneficial massage will you find than with her; you are in for a treat if you're about to meet the accomplished healer, Susie D'Andrea.”  -Anonymous Denver

“Everything was superb.  I suffer from sever shoulder issues an flat feed.  Susie always pays attention to my needs. Always recommended. She’s simply the best.” Bryan M.



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