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Beth Connelly


Beth Connelly believes in Vis medicatrix naturae, a Greek term attributed to Hippocrates translating to “The healing power of nature.”  She believes the human body’s natural power of healing can be much stronger than disease.

She also believes that by calming the mind, working with the breath and communicating with the body, her clients are capable of releasing tension and trapped energy on conscious and subconscious levels. 

Each session is customized to the clients’ needs after a lengthy consultation. Her mission is to create a safe and comfortable space for healing.


In 2013 Beth Connelly attended the Sedona School of Massage, an intensive self-awareness based program and graduated with 700 hours of specialized massage including sports massage, connective tissue therapy, neuro-muscular therapy, prenatal, infant massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue and more.

Shortly after her graduation she took the final step of her Reiki credentials by completing her Reiki Master Teacher certification and started teaching Reiki. 

In 2015 Beth attended the Wat Po school of traditional medicine in Bangkok, Thailand, learning the principles of Thai massage. 

In 2017 Beth completed her first yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India the yoga capital of the world where she spent weeks meditating, self studying and completing 200 hours learning about all the limbs of yoga and concentrating in Hatha and Ashtanga style yoga. 

In 2018 she attended her second 200 hour of yoga teacher training in Tumbaco, Ecuador at Durga’s Tiger School of white tantra yoga and shamanism. 

In 2019 Beth completed 30 hours of Doula training.

In addition to her studies she also facilitates meditation groups as a sound healing practitioner. After attending a countless number of crystal bowl meditations, Beth experienced the profound power of vibrational sound healing which extremely impacted her life and led her to invest in a set of her own. She also coordinates Reiki shares at many locations in her local area. 

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