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Yoga Class Descriptions


What's It All About??!

Let It Go Yoga: Based on a West Coast style of the ancient art of yoga this class allows the student to let go of stress through gentle stretching and breathing techniques.

It is self paced and is appropriate for beginners as well as experienced students...All ages are welcome.
Come and join us and experience the sounds of the sea and the Sun warming your body to help relax and rejuvenate your body mind and spirit.
Vinyasa Yoga FlowThis warm beach yoga experience is a combination of smooth stretches and a vinyasa flow mixed with Jim's inspirational dialogue you are sure to experience the perfect start to a magnificent day.


Mindful Flow Yoga:A mindful flow combining strength, stretching and balancing postures.
On the sands of nature's studio, set an intention to unite the mind, body and spirit.




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